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About Us

Our business activities to trade and supply appliances to hotels and restaurant, started as a sole proprietor company in April 2001. On 28 Jun 2007, we incorporated the business under a private limited company named FKF Hotel & Restaurant Supplies Sdn Bhd (“FKF” or “the Company”).
FKF is primarily engaged in:
The trading and supply of premium quality of kitchen appliances / utensils and cutlery mainly for hotels, caterers and restaurant.
Providing support and undertaking joint venture projects with various entities including government agency, example “PNB LANJUT PROJECT” with a project sale size of RM1,093.305.63
Import and export of kitchen appliances / utensils and cutlery
Supply of our own brand “Fusion by FKF”.
Customising to order products for clients.
FKF is currently one of the leaders in Malaysia's domestic market as we supply to approximately 80 over hotels.

Our Values

Our business values and philosophy are trust and integrity. We ensure our clients are consistently getting quality products and offering our excellent services. Over the years, FKF has built a strong reputation, trust and confidence within the industry, arising from our capabilities to provide high quality products from trusted and ethical sources.

Our Strength

Over the time span of nearly 2 decades, we have built multiples strengths from establishing strong clientele base, to managing cashflow, penetrating new markets etc. With that our average client base have reached more than a million-ringgit size per annum over the past 2 years.
The “one stop kitchen” appliances, cutleries and equipment for customers.
A strong team of management and operation staff who have the right skills, precise know-how and have master the state of art knowledge to operate and grow this niche field of business. Our skills sets range from a thorough understanding of the industry, operational and mangement skills, providing a bespoke experience to customers, delivering and sourcing for quality products whilst being cost efficient and ethicial and offering professional services.
The goodwill that enable us to establish many long-term contracts with our clients who we have worked with continuously over the years. Beside these clients, we also have many recurring customers who we have established strong rapport and relationship.
Our business nature is resilient to economic cycle. Our business has a direct link to a primary need which is food / drink. Our business model is also cash based. That explains why we are capable to grow and sustain even during the economic down turn.
Our business is mostly on cash basis or trade bills, the maximum collection period even if there is, is about one month. So far, we have no problem with collection from clients.
We have the skills to deliver customised products, tailored to suit client’s special needs / request. Therefore, we can pride ourselves as the trusted supplier who is capable of sourcing various appliance to cater for our clients’ needs which many suppliers are not capable of doing.
FKF is currently one of the leader in this business in Malaysia. We supply to more than 80 major clients operating in hotels, food & beverages operators, franchise / chain F&B, institute of higher learnings.

Our Potentials

We foresee that FKF’s business will continue to grow to reach new height. The outlook is based on the continuous increase in populations and flourishing food & beverages segment in local as well as regional market. Among out strengths are:
Potential growth, as we target at expansion into regional market. We constantly look out for the right opportunity of resource and capital to grow it further.
In this regard, we pride ourselves as the first Malaysia company that started to embark on the regional markets. Currently, we are supplying to Indonesia, Australia and Columbia. We are planning for the right strategy to launch it in the region.
The past few years, we have been invited for many business growth venture and opportunities such as offering of new market segment, new products, new technology which we foresee as a matter of time, this mission will be fulfilled.
We understand clients need and regional market competitiveness better than many due to years of engaging in this unique business.
We are looking to grow our own brands of products as we currently have a brand named “Fusion by FKF
Refering to appendix 3, is a list of projects and tenders done and completed by our company in our previous years. Stated clearly it's buyer, year completed and total project amount.
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